Christopher W. Fletcher

Old Projects

Here are some projects that I worked on eons ago. Note: If the link for a project isn't up yet, that is because the material is missing or scattered (it may go to the grave with me).

Graduate School

Here is a link to my old research page, frozen at the moment I graduated.

Undergrad Era

Here are class/research projects from undergrad.

  1. [High-{throughput, performance} Reconfigurable Architectures]
    An exploration into how well reconfigurable devices can directly implement HPC architectures. Summer 2010 - Fall 2010.

  2. [Systems Biology]
    A Hardware implementation of Markov-Chain-Monte-Carlo used to learn Bayesian Networks. Spring 2009 - Summer 2010.

  3. [GateLib]
    A hardware/software research library used in research projects across multiple universities. Spring 2008 - Spring 2010.

  4. [InfiniMesh]
    A discrete event simulator and RTL model for on-chip mesh networks. Fall 2009.

  5. [Flint]
    A latency-insensitive implementation of a SPARC V8 processor with support for all integer intructions/traps that is optimized for Virtex5 FPGAs. Fall 2008.

  6. [ANTEDA]
    A library of Apache ANT tasks for controlling Electronic Design Automation tools. Summer 2008.

  7. [JIRA Connector]
    A connector between Oracle corporation's "Application Lifecycle Management" issue tracker and Atlassian's JIRA issue tracker. Summer 2008.

  8. [ Credit-Based Flow Control Link]
    A link implementation for the RAMP host system. Spring 2008.

  9. [Wireless Video Conferencing System]
    A wireless video conferencing system with video compression. Spring 2008.

  10. [Klotski Puzzle Solver]
    A Java program that solves Klotski Puzzles. Spring 2007.


I mark a project as "inactive" when it isn't in a state near completion and I don't know when I'll have time to work on it next. Several of these projects are "good enough" in the sense that they served their original purpose, even though they didn't get polished. I'll try to indicate which of them fall into that category.

  1. [SPARCv8 Functional Simulator]
    A side project to complement FLINT with an integrated functional model. The functional simulator will simulate all aspects of the SPARCv8 architecture, including traps and all IU instructions. Winter 2008 (sometime between Fall and Spring).

  2. [Artifice]
    An isometric real-time tile game.

  3. [Tutorade]
    An application suite meant to provide a no-cost set of bookkeeping/teaching tools for non-profit elementary learning centers.

Pre-Undergrad Era

Here are some projects that I worked on before college (they have been discontinued). I started working on projects like these sometime before 8th grade, and continued working on them until the end of high school. I'll post information that I find on them as I find it. (Some material is buried in old HDs/floppies). Enjoy!

  1. [Zeitgeist Office]
    Tutorade's predecessor.

  2. [Eventide]
    Documents sketching a fantasy MMORPG.

  3. [Twilight Engine]
    An interface and engine for a text-based adventure game, where the world can be user-designed and saved.

  4. [Rebirth]
    A lone Warcraft III: Frozen Throne map that I put together; this map was designed at the zenith of my WC3-map artistic ability; no triggers.

  5. [Revival of Dalaran]
    A fully-triggered WC3 mod which I wrote in response to DoTA.

  6. [Fantasy and Reality]
    Documents that I wrote for another fantasy MMORPG.

  7. [Reality Project chapter II]
    Documents that I wrote for a Final Fantasy style adventure game.

  8. [Expand and Efface]
    Documents for an RTS.

  9. [Battle Craft]
    Documents for a board game (the board was the best part; I'll link a picture of it if I can find it).