Christopher W. Fletcher


Project year: Summer, 2008

ANTEDA is a series of Apache ANT tasks designed to ease interactions with standard FPGA EDA tools. More specifically, ANTEDA automates Xilinx ISE, iMPACT, Coregen and Modelsim operations. As a brief glimpse of its functionality, ANTEDA can take a disorganized directory tree, containing source files and blackboxes, create a Xilinx ISE project for those files, run all of the ISE tools, run iMPACT, and program a board. This is all done with a single button-click or at the commandline.

ANTEDA is ready to use and can be found as a *.jar here. The documentation is also available. The .jar is imported from a repository directly and is therefore always up-to-date. The documentation slightly lags the most up-to-date documentation, but should be relevant for the most part. If you are looking for the source code, it is BSD licensed. It is currently integrated into the U.C. Berkeley GateLib standard library which is used by the RAMP group here at U.C. Berkeley.