Christopher W. Fletcher

Fantasy and Reality

Project year: First half, 2002

Fantasy and Reality was important for several reasons. It was the last time I tried to sketch up a concept using word (this was a big motivation for learning TeX). Furthermore, it was the crossing point where I realized that I enjoyed implementing a design as much as working it up on paper (oh really! - this was back in middle school). If you examine both the .xls and .doc files, you will see that the entire document (all ~63 pages of it, plus the large amount of spreadsheet data) was maintained by hand. No auto-generation here! No auto-formatting, either.

In looking back, the project was pretty immature when I stopped working on it (which happened when the formatting was taking up more time than the actual writing). But then again, it was a while ago. One aspect of the work that I appreciate is how well it shows how I have matured in my writing, technique, and ideas over the years. (Actually, I used the armor/equipment concept from FaR in Eventide, and I might implement something similar in Artifice ~~ so not all was tossed). If you would like to view both the .doc and .xls files, you can get them here:

  1. FaR Documents