Christopher W. Fletcher


Project year: Summer, 2008 - Summer, 2009
Updated: June 1, 2010

Gatelib is a hardware/software library that has formed the backbone of a lot of my own and others' research projects here at Berkeley. I've had the opportunity and privilege to contribute to the Gatelib infrastructure during my time with RAMP. I've worked on ANTEDA, I2C, Ethernet, and other small hardware blocks. I've also helped test RCBIOS, XLink, and the platform interconnect NoC.

Infrastructure from Gatelib is used heavily in FLINT, all of the Systems Biology designs, and Infinimesh. Technically, the SPARC simulator was supposed to be integrated into Gatelib, but it was never finished (or isn't at the time of this writing).

I would also like to emphasize that Gatelib is by and large not my work. I had a small part to play in what has become an incredibly useful collection of different infrastructures.

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