Christopher W. Fletcher


Project year: Fall 2009
Updated: June 1, 2010
Partners: Ilia Lebedev, Dan Holcomb

Infinimesh was a semester project in Fall 2009's CS250 offering. The task was to build a network-on-chip simulator to model performance, traffic, power, and area for mesh on-chip networks. The end deliverable was several parts:

  1. A discrete event simulator capable of measuring traffic at each node/channel.
  2. An RTL model capable of measuring latency, bandwidth, throughput, power, and area.

Both the simulator and model could be parameterized to run packets through an N by M mesh, featuring some configuration of cores and memory controllers (where the exact configuration was user-specified). At the end of the semester, the model could further customize each node/hop by router type (crossbar, ring, or "shrimp") and channel implementation. We only explored deterministic and oblivious dimension-order routing given time constraints.