Christopher W. Fletcher

SPARCv8 Functional Simulator

Project year: Fall, 2008 - Spring, 2009
Updated: August 1, 2009

The SPARCv8 Functional Simulator is a fully-featured functional simulator for the SPARCv8 ISA. At its core, the simulator builds object models of SPARC instructions in an ordered instruction space and can then assemble the model to a compatable SPARCv8 binary, simulate the model and/or derive a post-simulation state model. The state model can then be diffed against another state model (built from expected data or from the output of another SPARCv8 core which is being tested). The simulator builds its initial object models from either SPARCv8 assembly code or from a SPARCv8 binary.

The SPARCv8 simulator was built as an accessory to FLINT so that FLINT could be more easily verified. It was also built so that an in-house (relative to the RAMP project at U.C. Berkeley) SPARCv8 functional simulator was available to the public domain. As of 1/18/2009, it isn't finished. As of August 1, 2009, development has been put on hold indefinitely (as FLINT is not currently under active development).

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