Christopher W. Fletcher

Twilight Engine

Project year: Summer 2005
Partners: Colin Wheelock, Greg Clarkson

This was a memorable project. I worked on this project during COSMOS at UCSD. When high school started up again, I was forced to stop working on the project. Some interesting functionality:

  1. Staggered text output to the display
  2. Player interactivity: Whenever you inspect a region, look out for pairs of braces ([ and ]). If you type what you see in the prompt, you will get a special response. For example: "A [keep] looms in the distance." You say: "What keep?" to get a response.

This was also my first time using sound, file input/output, and GUI tools in scheme.

To run the Twilight Engine, you will need:

  1. Dr. Scheme
  2. Twilight Engine source files

When Dr. Scheme is installed, unpack the source and open gui.scm. Set the Dr. Scheme language to module and run the program.

Without looking at the text file containing the game map, navigate to the beach, go into the shack, and try to get the Monty Python & the Holy Grail joke to work. This screen shot is a hint (it is a special response not surrounded by [ or ].