Christopher W. Fletcher


I work with a team of excellent students. We call ourselves the FPSG. What this acronym means is left as an exercise for the reader (most people want the "G" to stand for "Group").

I am very proud of my academic family (and slightly extended academic family); see some group pictures: Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Summer 2019 (2).


  1. Kartik Hegde (Fall 2017-present); Facebook PhD Fellow (2019-21)
  2. Jiyong Yu (Fall 2017-present); Microsoft PhD Fellow (2020-22)
  3. Jose Rodrigo Sanchez Vicarte (Spring 2018-present)
  4. Hadi Asgharimoghaddam (Fall 2018-present)
  5. Riccardo Paccagnella (Summer 2019-present); Siebel Scholar, Chirag Foundation Graduate Fellow
  6. Sushant Dinesh (Fall 2019-present); UIUC CS Excellence Award
  7. Mohammad Behnia (Fall 2019-present)
  8. Rutvik Choudhary (Spring 2020-present)
  9. Nandeeka Nayak (Fall 2020-present); SURGE Fellow (2020-2025), NSF GRFP Honorable Mention


  1. Mohamad El-Hajj (Spring 2019-present)


  1. Sachit Kuhar (Summer 2019)


  1. Rohan Prabhakar (2019-present) → Princeton PhD
  2. Pradyumna Shome (2019-present)


Close PhD collaborators

  1. Mengjia Yan (Fall 2017-present) → MIT Assistant Professor
  2. Dimitrios Skarlatos (Fall 2017-present) → CMU Assistant Professor


  1. Rohit Agrawal (Fall 2017-2019) → NVIDIA


  1. Lucas Hsiung (2018-2019) → SiFive
  2. Ben Schreiber (2018-2019) → UIUC PhD
  3. Yulun (Allen) Yao (2017-present) → Cornell PhD

High School

  1. Max Wolff (Summer 2018)
  2. Sammy Shang (Summer 2018)
  3. Nicole Emi (Summer 2019)
  4. Benjamin ZeBrack (Summer 2019)


  1. Mohamad El-Hajj (Summer 2018-present)

Affiliated Groups

  1. Computer Architecture at Illinois
  2. Security and Privacy Research at Illinois (SPRAI)