Christopher W. Fletcher


  1. Secure Processor Design; CS 598CLF (Fall 2017)

Old Teaching

Here are some courses I was involved in a long time ago (as an undergrad). I didn't write anything about 6.172 and 6.S092 @ MIT (the performance engineering and IAP class I TAed in graduate school) at the time I taught them.

{Spring, Fall} 2007: CS61A

In my undergrad freshmen and sophomore years at UC Berkeley, I was a lab assistant and [later a] reader for the Computer Science course CS61A. As a lab assistant, I helped coordinate the in-person lab sessions, otherwise led by the TA, and also distributed review sessions. As a reader, I graded student assignments.

Fall 2008, Spring {2009, 2010}: CS150

As a junior and senior at UC Berkeley, I served as a TA for the Digital Design class "CS150." CS150 is a project-based course on an FPGA platform. In the first half of the semester, students complete a series of lab assignments to become acquainted with the CAD tools that the project requires. The latter half of the semester is dedicated to a large multi-stage project. As a student in the class during the Spring 2008 term, my partner and I built a "Wireless Video Conferencing System" with a crude video compression algorithm and support for instant messaging, for example. During the terms that I taught the class, the students built an audio oscilloscope (Fall 2008) and CPU with an integrated line-drawing accelerator, frame buffer, and Ethernet/UART interface (Spring 2009, 2010). In the latter two terms, my fellow TAs, professor, and I redesigned the lab infrastructure and architected a new lab lineup for use with a newly-introduced state of the art hardware platform (the XUPV5, featuring an LX110T FPGA).

Below I have included some of the labs and checkpoints that I developed for the course. These documents are current up to the last time that I modified them. I am not keeping track of changes made in more recent course offerings.

In Spring 2010, I co-taught the course honors section with fellow TA Ilia lebedev. As part of this curriculum, I presented a three-part discussion on pipelines, the slides of which I have included below.

My teaching evaluations, over all three semesters, can be found here.